Center for Molecular Innovation and Drug Discovery

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Medicinal Chemistry

  • Hit-to-lead medicinal chemistry and library synthesis for hit compound follow-up
  • Design and synthesis of targeted analogs with improved potency, PK, and IP properties
  • Synthesis of small numbers of hypothesis-driven compounds

Synthetic Chemistry

  • Synthesis of probe, tool, and reference compounds
  • Preparation of biotinylated and fluorescently labeled molecules

State of the art chemistry resources

  • Waters Acquity-H UPLC/MS
  • Cambridgesoft electronic lab notebooks
  • Biotage microwave reactor and flash purification system*

For additional information on our instrumentation, click here.

*Supported by the Office for Research


The use of data generated in ChemCore in a grant application, progress report or publication contains the implicit understanding that the PI or authors will acknowledge the use of our facility. Acknowledgment of our core helps us demonstrate the impact we contribute to the research community, and it helps tremendously in our future effort to secure funding. Facility users should acknowledge ChemCore by including the following statement:

Medicinal (or synthetic) chemistry work was done by ChemCore at the Center for Molecular Innovation and Drug Discovery. ChemCore used resources supported by a Lever award from the Chicago Biomedical Consortium with support from The Searle Funds at The Chicago Community Trust.

For medicinal and synthetic chemistry inquiries, please contact:
Gary Schiltz, PhD | gary-schiltz[at] | (847) 467-2287