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CMIDD’s First Aldrich Lecture and Drug Discovery Poster Session a Success

On April 4, 2017, CMIDD collaborated with MilliporeSigma to present the first Aldrich Lecture and Drug Discovery Poster Session. The event garnered the attendance of 40 students, faculty, and staff from a variety of disciplines such as neurobiology, biomedical engineering, and molecular biosciences from both Chicago and Evanston campuses to engage in dynamic discussions and sharing of research. The event’s keynote speaker, Dr. Dirk Trauner, Professor of Chemistry at New York University, presented a compelling lecture entitled, “Controlling and Mimicking Biological Functions with Synthetic Photoswitches.” Dr. Trauner discussed the advantages and disadvantages of synthetic photoswitches and their potential uses in biology and medicine, in particular with respect to restoring vision, alleviating pain, and fighting cancer. We’d like to thank Dr. Trauner for his special visit to Northwestern and the time spent with our students and faculty. For more information on Dr. Dirk Trauner’s research, click here.

Also a first for CMIDD was the presentation of the Drug Discovery Scholars award. This award was designed by CMIDD to highlight graduate students and postdoctoral fellows who demonstrated ability to achieve and contribute to the field of drug discovery through their current research. Scholars were selected based on their ability to convey their passion, creativity, and leadership within their respective discipline through an application process. On the day of the Aldrich Lecture, Scholars were honored at a networking breakfast with Dr. Trauner and MilliporeSigma representatives; presented with a certificate of acknowledgement; awarded $500 for their research or the cost of attendance at a drug discovery related conference; and presented their research poster at the Drug Discovery Poster Session. Each Scholar was eligible for the Best Poster Award provided by MilliporeSigma. We’d like to acknowledge the winners of the Best Poster Award and all participants, and thank them for their contributions to drug discovery research:

  • Best Postdoctoral Poster: Dr. Marc Morgan, Department of Biochemistry & Molecular Genetics, Feinberg School of Medicine
    • Postdoctoral Runner-up: Dr. Vania Vidimar, Department of Obstetrics & Gynecology, Feinberg School of Medicine
  • Best Graduate Student Poster Winner: Kristine Deibler, Department of Chemistry, Weinberg College of Arts & Sciences
    • Graduate Student Runner-up: Rick Betori, Department of Chemistry, Weinberg College of Arts & Sciences
  • Honorable Drug Discovery Scholars:
    • Dr. Maris Cinelli, Department of Chemistry, Weinberg College of Arts & Sciences
    • Dr. Shahrnaz Kemal, Department of Cell & Molecular Biology, Feinberg School of Medicine
    • Elizabeth Johnson, Department of Chemistry, Weinberg College of Arts & Sciences
    • Stefan Zdraljevic, Department of Molecular Biosciences, Weinberg College of Arts & Sciences
    • Brittany Hopkins, Department of Pharmacology, Feinberg School of Medicine

      Thank you to all who contributed to and attended the first Aldrich Lecture and Drug Discovery Poster Session.

      We hope to see you there next year!