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Affiliated Faculty

A multidisciplinary enterprise on Northwestern’s Evanston and Chicago campuses, CMIDD engages more than 50 faculty from three Northwestern schools: Feinberg School of Medicine, Weinberg College of Arts and Sciences and McCormick School of Engineering and Applied Science.   This outstanding network of leading clinicians and faculty researchers, along with CMIDD’s dedicated drug discovery scientists, possess the necessary intellectual expertise and experience to guide the academic drug discovery process.  

Wayne Anderson
X-ray crystallographic analysis of protein-ligand interactions

Michael J. Avram
Pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics of hypnotics, sedatives, opioids, analgesics, non-depolarizing neuromuscular blockers, chemotherapeutics

Greg Beitel
Molecular genetics of organ morphogenesis

Paul Bryce
Nischarin as a target for drug development for anaphylaxis

Irina Budunova
lteration of cell signaling during tumorigenesis as the basis for the development of new approaches to prevention and treatment of cancer

John Crispino
Transcriptional regulation of normal and malignant blood cell development

John Disterhoft
Cellular mechanisms and pharmacological enhancement of learning in young and aging brain

Elizabeth Eklund
Leukemia, Lymphoma, Myeloma

David Engman
Biology of parasitic diseases; Pathogenesis and treatment of myocarditis

Sui Huang
The perinucleolar compartment and malignant transformation

Michael Jewett
Cell-Free Systems and Synthetic Biology

William Klein
Cell and structural biology of Alzheimer’s disease; memory-linked synapse structure and signal transduction

Tsutomu Kume
Research interests focus on cardiovascular development, cardiovascular stem/progenitor cells, and angiogenesis

Carole LaBonne
Development of the vertebrate neural crest

Robert Lamb
Viral glycoproteins, ion channels, and RNA-binding proteins

Brian Layden
Identification of selective small molecules agonists for the GPCR target FFAR2 (GPR43) through in-silico docking

Richard Longnecker
Epstein-Barr virus transformation, latency and entry

Thomas Lukas
Signal transduction, proteomics, systems biology, neurodegenerative disease, vascular disease

Thomas Meade
Inorganic coordination chemistry; bioinorganic chemistry, and molecular imaging

Marsel Mesulam
Cholinergic pathways, cognitive mapping, Alzheimer’s disease

Richard Miller
Neural ion channels; neuronal death mechanisms

Stephen Miller
Regulation of T-cell immune responses, autorimmune disease models of multiple sclerosis

Alfonso Mondragon
DNA topoisomerases & proteins that modify DNA topology; RNA structure/function, spectrin & related proteins

Richard Morimoto
Molecular response to stress, protein folding quality control, misfolded proteins & neurodegenerative diseases

Sonbinh Nguyen
Inorganic/organometaollic chemistry, organic synthesis, polymer science, environmental friendly catalysis and biomaterials

Thomas O’Halloran
Chemistry and biology of transition metals and metalloproteins

Leonidas Platanias
Chronic leukemias, multiple myeloma, non-hodgkin’s lymphoma

Sarah Rice
Structural mechanisms for molecular motor function and regulation

Karl Scheidt
New organic reaction development and the synthesis of molecules with interesting biological and structural attributes

Teepu Siddique
Molecular basis of neurodegeneration and amyotrophic lateral sclerosis

Richard Silverman
Design/synthesis of enzyme inhibitors; mechanisms of enzyme inactivation; enzyme-adduct structures

D. James Surmeier
Modulation of neuronal excitability

Regan Thomson
Synthesis and application of natural products to medicinal and biological problems, especially cancer and neurodegenerative disorders

Robert Vassar
Secretases and animal models of Alzheimer’s disease

Douglas Vaughan
Plasminogen activator system in cardiovascular disease

Mark Wainwright
Mechanisms of acute brain injury in children

D.Martin Watterson
Signal transduction pathways as drug discovery targets

Eric Weiss
Signaling Pathways in the Control of Cell Architecture

Gayle Woloschak
Nanocomposites; Genes controlling radiosensitivity and motor neuron dysfunction

Teresa Woodruff
Hormonal Control of the Reproductive Axis by Inhibin

Phyllis Zee
Aging and the circadian clock system; genetics of sleep disorders

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Interested in becoming a CMIDD Faculty member? Fill out the form below!