Center for Molecular Innovation and Drug Discovery

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Karl Scheidt, PhD
Director, CMIDD and ChemCore
Professor of Chemistry and Pharmacology
Terri Fraterrigo
Director of Operations & Outreach
Melanie Challberg
Administrative Assistant
Gary Schiltz, PhD
Research Professor
Deputy Director, CMIDD
Silverman Hall 3557 | (847) 467-2287
Ward Building 4182, Chicago | (312) 503-5322
Rama Mishra, PhD
Senior Cheminformatics Specialist
Silverman Hall B537 | (847) 491-5335
Tarry Building 12-715, Chicago | (312) 503-3833
Javier Izquierdo-Ferrer, PhD
Lurie – CMIDD Translational Research Fellow, Medicinal Chemist
Wei Lv, PhD
Medicinal Chemist
Iredia Iyamu, PhD
Postdoctoral Fellow, Medicinal Chemist

A special thank you to CMIDD’s past postdoctoral fellows for their contributions:

Neha Malik, PhD, 2014-2016
Horrick Sharma, PhD, 2014-2016



The Center is located in the Richard & Barbara Silverman Hall for Molecular Therapeutics and Diagnostics

2145 Sheridan Road, Evanston, IL 60208-3113
Telephone: (847) 467-2629 | Fax: (847) 467-3276

Our Chicago office is located in Room 12-715 of the Tarry Research and Education Building

300 East Superior Street, Chicago, IL 60611-3010
Telephone: (312) 503-3833

[email protected]