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Interdisciplinary Training

The Center supports the Chemical Biology and Drug Discovery Cluster through the PhD Program in the Life and Biological Sciences. The cluster provides a multidisciplinary platform for students to learn the fundamental aspects of modern drug discovery and related molecular sciences focused on the modulation of biological systems. Trainees from the life and chemical sciences acquire necessary skills and knowledge in the diverse topical areas related to contemporary drug discovery and integrative chemical biology, while also delving more deeply into their respective disciplinary education and their own area of research interest. The program is flexible and leverages Northwestern’s established and nationally recognized chemical biology and drug discovery training environment and the diverse expertise in the application of molecular sciences to the design and development of small molecules for use in complex biological systems. To augment formal classroom instruction, students are encouraged to participate in CMIDD key activities, including the annual symposium, the Visiting Lecture Series and specialized workshops.

Travel Stipend

Travel awards for up to $500 each are available for cluster students who will be traveling to national conferences relevant to chemical biology and drug discovery to present their research. Four awards are given each fiscal year, which ends on August 31. Applications are accepted on a continuous basis, as long as funds are available. The application form can be downloaded below. More information is available on our webpage here.

Chemical Biology and Drug Discovery Cluster Travel Stipend Application

Additional funding opportunities for training can be found on our Funding Opportunities page and through The Graduate School.

Are you a postdoctoral researcher looking for postdoctoral support, resources, and community at NU? Check out the Northwestern University Postdoctoral Forum’s (NUPF) webpage for more information.

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